Ontvangen op 26 september 2008
Hello to you,

Dear Friend ,

its been a long time. l know you would be very surprised to read such a mail from me even when we do not know much about ourselves but l believe as friends we can understand each other when it comes to business that will yield us good benefits. You probably would not remember me, l lived in your country for quite some time and l left the beginning of 2006. l know you, l think l and my wife has had the privilege of meeting with you in one hotel in your country when l had visiting friends of mine from Saudi Arabia. l am writing you because l know you are very versatile in business unless you have stopped business for now. l have a good proposal that will earn us good fortune if we work with one mind. Currently, l am writing you from Japan where l went for a meeting and l live now in Germany. l have a friend from Jordan who wants to invest in Europe. He is asking me to make some inquiries and get some person who could be our front in any investment we shall assume in Europe, a person that l know that could be relied upon, a person who has business acumen. l taught deeply about this and it was when l went to one of the tea shops here in Tokyo that l remembered you and that you and l think you are going to be good in this aspect.

l think l will recommend you to him, he is a strong personality in Jordan and he wants this business to be done with uttermost discreetness because of his status. l don't know if you are still in business , if not then just tell me so l can recommend another person but if you are still into business then just let me know few areas you think this money could be invested in. l am the person in charge, l am like a middle man and will benefit from both you and my friend in this transaction, l know that. The investment capital is USD17,000,000.00 according to my friend and l have no doubt about that as l know the family he is from.

l need you to get back to me as soon as you can by email so we can talk about this proposal. l hope that the above email is correct and please if by any reason this mail got to another/wrong person not intended for, l ask that you please delete the mail from your box. Note, if l recommend you to my friend, he will contact you one on one.

Thanks and God's blessing be with us.
Mr. Dennis Okonkor